Buried Feather – “Mind of the Swarm” Review



“With a sound that draws regular comparisons to Dead Meadow & Spacemen 3, Melbourne based experimental psych aficionados ‘Buried Feather’ have a lot to live up to. Since exploding onto the underground scene back in 2012 the band have unleashed two mesmerising singles and a debut full length filled to the brim with modern experimental psych flourishes and driving kraut rock tendencies all underscored by magnificently addictive mantra like instrumentation. ‘Buried Feather’ are now set to unleash their full length sophomore follow up to their 2013 self-titled 8 track monolith. ‘Mind Of The Swarm’ gets it’s full official release on February 10th 2017 via Melbourne based indie label Cobra Snake Necktie Records as well as the German based stoner rock imprint label Kozmik Artifactz. It will be released digitally and on limited edition 180g vinyl.


The albums closing piece shudders into life on a bedrock of off kilter drum patterns, tumbling bass lines and the rise & fall of massive swathes of fuzzy instrumentation. ‘Well Wishes’ tumbles through the ether held fast in a swirling maelstrom of heavenly noise. A fitting ending to a brilliant sophomore release.”

Thanks to Del Chaney at Primal Music Blog for this awesome write up.

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CHILD ‘Blueside’ album review: ‘From tip to tail Blueside is a tasty journey.’



Chilled out and just a little buzzed Child are old school rock and roll for dudes and dudettes who just wanna take a moment to appreciate the finer things in life. Blueside shows a darker aspect of this band, wallowing in groovy pentatonics and doomy grooves that find you lost in blossoming waves of sound. Blueside is going to take you on a journey, whethr you like it or not, because at the end of the days it’s bands like Child who seem to truly understand rock and roll and what it can do for the huddled masses.

The colossal guitar work in a song like The Man is perfectly suited for the epic almost washed out vocals. The sense that things could all apart at any moment is delicious. These guys understand that rock and roll needs to have forward motion, but as the long form songs found throughout the record prove, Child don’t especially care if they need to take their grand old time getting from point A to point B. Rather they will sit back, chill out and let you fall in love with flurries of notes immediately contrasted with the strangely reassuring thudding bass tack of these songs. It’s easy to lose yourself in Child because they want you to dig in deep with them.

So yeah, this band isn’t exactly creating new soundscapes, but they represent something great. They show us a way forward through the rock and roll misery that so many of us must deal with and remind us that no matter what we can always find a path to absolution, despite the trials and tribulations we might face. These guys understand the beauty of vibrato, the crush of a good progression and how wailing vocals can leave you unable to turn the record off. From tip to tail Blueside is a tasty journey.

Thanks to Matt bacon for his great work:

Album available here.

THE KINGS OF FROG ISLAND – IV album review: 9,5/11!



Genre: Psychedelic, Stoner rock
Sounds Like: Sgt. Sunshine, Sienna Root, Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound
The amphibians of fuzz are back with a re-release of their highly underrated album IV. Officially released digitally in 2013 through Electrohasch Records, IV is now seeing the light of day through Kozmik Artifactz Records. The album is now available on cd and vinyl, so thank you Kozmik. We have become huge Frog Island fans here at Rotation11 as their music is more than your traditional fuzzed out stoner rock. Not only do they broaden the elements of psychedelia, but add some King Crimson-like exploration to the music. Each album has its own feel and mood as we find them easy to get lost in, just throw their entire library on shuffle and you’ll understand. IV is one of those loner albums that will put you in a fuzzed and tranquil mindset.

What are the highlights of the album?
First off, IV was meant to be listened to in its entirety as the original release is two separate songs, each weighing in at 20:16 minutes. This new version is broken into seven fuzzed-out, psychedelic tunes. Kicking off the album is laid back stoner driven “The Tenth Stone”. What a terrific opening cut, the muffled vocals and groove is very infectious and that’s before the addition of the female backing vocals come into play. The following track “The King Is Dead” starts off in heavy mode, than transitions towards a serene ambiance with spoken word vocals.

“Volonte” is next and boy this one is catchy as all hell, it bleeds of Brant Bjork-like smooth stoner rock, it will easily get stuck in your head. The bass work and percussion on “The Night Juno Died Weaving Shadows” is absolutely tremendous. The soft vocals are captivating and pleasing to the ear, which is a highlight throughout IV. The last song “111111 Long Live The King” is a majestic, fuzzed tune. After the meandering opening, the song kicks into a Kyuss “Gardenia” like massive riff before surrendering to a psyche vibe that Kings of Frog Island only know.

How is the production value?
The Kings of Frog Island have tremendous chemistry that shines throughout their entire catalogue and IV is no different. So, whether you’re listening on headphones or cranking this out on a pair of Bowers & Wilkins floor speakers, the experience is very pleasing to the ear.

How is the vocal performance?
The vocals are one of the main draws to this album. We don’t think we have ever heard a better use of the muffled vocal effect, they are tranquil and alluring, just listen to “The Night Juno Died Weaving Shadows”.

Does the album art reflect the music?
What’s not to love about this cover, they’re embracing the name of the band.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?
Grab a four pack of Murphy’s Irish Stout. This is one hell of a flavorful stout that enhances the listening experience of Frog Island.

What are our final thoughts on IV?
It’s a must have album as their distinct sound will only enhance your stoner rock collection. After listing to this album, we are confident that you will want to further explore their splendid catalogue of fine work. – 11/14/2016

1. The Tenth Stone
2. The King Is Dead
3. Witches Warning
4. Volonte
5. In The Watchers Blood
6. Shadowlands
7. The Night Juno Died
8. Weaving Shadows
9. Eleven Eleven Eleven
10. Long Live The King


Available here.

MISSISSIPPI BONES album review – 8/10!

Mississippi Bones/Songs For The Rejects/Kozmik Artifactz/2016 Vinyl Review


Mississippi Bones are a band from Mississippi that plays a mixture of southern and stoner rock and this is a review of their 2016 album “Songs For The Rejects” which was released by Kozmik Artifactz.

Laughter starts off the album before going into more of a southern metal direction along with some clean singing vocals and you can also hear elements of stoner and sludge in the bands musical style and the solos and leads when they are utilized also bring in more of a melodic rock and metal style to the songs.

All of the musical instruments on the recording have a very powerful sound to them and some songs also bring in acoustic and steel guitars as well as a small amount of female vocals which also gives the music more of a blues feeling and the songs also bring in a great mixture of both slow and mid paced parts and one song also brings in a small amount of psychedelic elements.

Mississippi Bones plays a musical style that takes sludge, stoner and southern metal and mixes it with some elements of mainstream rock to create a style of t heir own, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover Star Trek, the writings of H.P Lovecraft and Beyond.

In my opinion Mississippi Bones are a very great sounding mixture of southern and stoner rock and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE “Apocecletic Vision” “In Regards to Euphony” “The Electric Church” and “Voyages Of the Starship Socialize”. 8 out of 10.


Available here.

New GIN LADY ‘Call the nations’ album review 8.5/10!

Thanks to Ave Noctum for their cool GIN LADY album review:

Gin Lady1000

Gin Lady – Call The Nation (Kozmik Artifactz)

Self described “rock n’ roll gypsies” from Sweden, this quartet may actually be gents going down the retro route rather than ladies but as to the gin side of things no doubt a few glasses were raised during the composition of this their third album.

‘Call The Nation’ starts with a reassuring hum, reminiscent of an old valve amplifier left on in the background then into the music…

The first track (I Can’t Change) grabs you straight away, throwing you back into an era when instruments were played distinctly and lyrics were intelligible.

With obvious influences ranging from 1960’s R&B – The Faces, The Zombies and the Easybeats to mid-American rock – ZZ Top, Lynryd Skynryrd and George Thorogood into nostalgia bands – The Black Crowes, The Darkness and (sad but true) Fozzy this is a collection of the brand new but amazingly familiar songs.

Heavy Burden ends the first half (side #1 on vinyl ) with a flourish of guitar guided sorrowful wail.

The songs may be formulaic in content – love, sex, booze and heartbreak – but that in no way diminishes the musical skill of this band.

Into the second half (side #2) with Ain’t No Use – a song of acceptance which when listened to LOUDLY could easily become an anthem.

At just over 35 minutes in duration thus is a great soundtrack for getting you up and moving out for a night of beers and mayhem.

This is an album and a half of full fat rock!

This is a 5 strong bunch of Swedish Rockers who sound like they fell through a time warp from an era before genre ruled the music industry.

This is Gin Lady!

(8.5 /10 Magick) (http://www.avenoctum.com/2016/05/gin-lady-call-the-nation-kozmik-artifactz/)

The album is available here.

SOMALI YACHT CLUB ‘The Sun’ album review – 8/10!

Great SOMALI YACHT CLUB album review at ExtremeUndergroundMusic, thanks to John!


Somali Yacht Club are a band from Ukraine that plays a mixture of psychedelic, shoegaze, stoner rock and post metal and this is a review of their 2016 album “The Sun” which was released by Kozmik Artifactz.

A very atmospheric shoegaze sound starts off the album and after a few seconds melodic singing and clean playing are added onto the recording and after a minute the music gets heavier and goes into more of a stoner rock direction along with all of the musical instruments having a very powerful sound to them.

Melodies can be heard quite a bit in the guitar riffing and the music also brings in a great amount of post metal elements and when guitar solos and leads are utilized they bring in a touch of 90’s alternative rock and a great portion of the tracks are very long and epic in length and also mixes in a great amount of psychedelic sounds and one track adds in a touch of reggae and the whole album also sticks to a very slow musical direction.

Somali Yacht Club plays a musical style that takes psychedelic, shoegaze, stoner rock and post metal to create a musical style of their own, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover dark themes.

In my opinion Somali Yacht Club are a very great sounding mixture of psychedelic, shoegaze, stoner rock and post metal and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE “Loom” and “The Sun”. 8 out of 10. (http://undergroundmusickzine.blogspot.de/2016/04/somali-yacht-clubthe-sunkozmik.html)

You can order your copy here.


GIN LADY ‘Call the nation’ album review at Desert-rock.com!

Great GIN LADY album review – thanks to Laurent:

Gin Lady1000

Un peu de légèreté et de subtilité musicale, c’est ce que Gin Lady entend nous offrir. Ce nouvel album du nom de Call The Nation se pose ainsi comme un accomplissement qui respire la bonne humeur et l’énergie. Alors en route pour un peu de peps et de Rock’n’roll.

Porté par une très bonne production, cet opus s’insère dans la tradition musicale du Rock seventies psychédélique avec une prestance mélodique plus contemporaine. Car propulsé par des influences à la Cream ou The Masters Apprentices, le groupe s’engage aussi vers des sonorités relativement proches de Eagles of Death Metal ou The Raconteurs. Il suffit de se mettre des morceaux comme « Down Memory Lane » ou « Mexico Avenue » pour saisir tout le charme et l’âme de l’album.

Plus concrètement, l’ensemble de la bande évolue globalement bien à travers sept morceaux d’une grande efficacité. Mais ici, pas question de pousser le gain à fond : on se pose tranquillement dans son fauteuil et on savoure la simplicité et la « non violence » sonore. Du coup, ça groove à mort côté basse-batterie et les guitares se la jouent Californie ensoleillée, voire désert du Nevada. Néanmoins, cela n’empêche pas Gin Lady de pousser les cordes vocales vers un mélange de puissance et de sensualité qui respire la sueur des douces soirées d’été. « Heavy Burden » et « Country Landslide » sont là pour vous le prouver. Puis il serait dommage de ne pas remuer un peu la tête avec « Ain’t No Use », « I Can’t Change » et l’éponyme « Call The Nation », prouvant ainsi toute la maîtrise de l’ambiance psychédélique du groupe.

Vous l’aurez compris, si vous êtes amateurs de gros riffs et de grosses lenteurs rythmiques, passez votre chemin. Par contre, si vous cherchez un peu de soleil ou si la journée a été mauvaise, ça sera l’album parfait pour retrouver le sourire et profiter un peu de la vie. Call the Nation ne déroge donc pas à la règle en s’insérant parfaitement dans la discographie des Suédois. Ils sauront ainsi ravir les amoureux du vintage et les fanatiques du Rock à l’état pur. (http://desert-rock.com/dr/chrocd/gin-lady-call-the-nation.html)

The album is available here.

Great HAIR OF THE DOG album review at The Burning Beard!!

Huge thanks to Gabriel at The Burning Beard for his cool HAIR OF THE DOG album review:


Retro rock is a busy genre. In this age of smartphones and social media there’s something hugely appealing about a set of good old-fashioned rock songs and, despite occupying a genre bustling with worthwhile groups, Hair Of The Dog stand out. The Scottish trio’s self-titled debut is a collection of songs that really can’t be argued with; memorable riffs, powerful vocals and a quality rhythm section give this set of seven songs a real sense of quality.
At times there’s a hint of late ’70s proto-metal in Hair Of The Dog’s sound, but for the most part, they bring to mind the pioneering early ’70s heavy blues rock work of groups like The Groundhogs. The band play with aptitude and energy throughout; the impassioned energy of “Empty As The Wind” is proof enough of that. “That Night” earns its distinction as one of the album’s best songs through a compelling riff and memorable chorus. It’s not all cult early ’70s heavy rock though; the strutting groove of “Concrete Waves” invokes AC/DC’s classic “Rock ‘n’ Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution”.
Hair Of The Dog’s debut album is not one that will stagger with never-before-heard sounds but, far more importantly, it is one that manages to be an excellent listen through virtue of quality songwriting, good musicianship and rock solid execution. What Hair Of The Dog do, they do very well – and anyone who digs quality heavy rock should check this out pronto.
~ Martin

For fans of; Golden Earring, Groundhogs, Nazareth, Uriah Heap, Budgie (http://www.theburningbeard.com/2016/03/out-in-glen.html)

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