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  1. CHURCH OF THE COSMIC SKULL ‘Is Satan real’ album review
  2. FRIENDSHIP sind auf Tour durch Deutschland!
  3. MISSISSIPPI BONES album review – 8/10!
  4. New GIN LADY ‘Call the nations’ album review 8.5/10!
  5. SOMALI YACHT CLUB ‘The Sun’ album review – 8/10!
  6. GIN LADY ‘Call the nation’ album review at!
  7. Great HAIR OF THE DOG album review at The Burning Beard!!
  8. CLAN – Witchcraft. Schönes Album Review auf
  9. GIN LADY ‘Call the nation’ album Review!
  10. THE HEAVY EYES ‘He dreams of lions’ album review!
  11. Das neue THE HEAVY EYES Album im Stream auf
  12. RED SPEKTOR signing with us for their upcoming full length!
  13. Awesome GRUSOM album review at Echoes & Dust!
  14. Cool GRUSOM album review from Greece!
  15. Awesome GRUSOM album review from – 4 out of 5!
  16. Great GRUSOM album review from Sweden!
  17. BISON MACHINE ‘Hoarfrost’ album review from Australia!
  18. Awesome BISON MACHINE ‘Hoarfrost’ album review!
  19. Another great GRUSOM review!
  20. BISON MACHINE ‘Hoarfrost’ album review!
  21. RUBY THE HATCHET ‘Aurum’ review from Portugal!
  22. Great GRUSOM album review at Ride With The Devil!
  23. Tolles Review zum BISON MACHINE Debut im aktuellen Visions!
  24. VALLEY OF THE SUN european tourdates!
  25. RUBY THE HATCHET – Aurum Album Review!
  26. Into the Void Vol. 30: Bison Machine & Kozmik Artifactz special!
  27. The next RUBY THE HATCHET ‘Aurum’ album review. Again 8/10!
  28. RUBY THE HATCHET ‘Aurum’ album review 8/10!
  29. SPACE GOD RITUAL ‘Eldritch tales’ album review 8/10!
  30. Great album review for RUBY THE HATCHET ‘Aurum’

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